Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 43: Gracias a que Èl Vive‏

Hola, everyone!

It`s almost Semana Santa, and boy, is this sun hot!  Semana Santa in Catholic, caliente Granada on the same weekend as General Conference is not for the faint of heart.  But hey, I had a great week!  Let me tell you about it:

-Did divisions with Hermana Lagos for the fourth time in two changes.  I call her my ``other companion`` with all the time we`ve worked together.  Seriously, we are so darn productive!  The day always passes slowly because we get so much done, but we had fun in her area visiting recent converts and less actives, finding new investigators and setting baptismal dates, and talking throughout the day.  

-Belkys got baptized!  I thought she wasn`t going to pass her interview because she told us on Monday that she believed in the Virgin and didn`t see the need to be baptized, but it happened!

-We saw miracles on Sunday!  I was worried because we hadn`t committed as many people as usual during the week, and in these past weeks, we haven`t had a lot of positive investigators at church.  But the Lord blessed us in the following ways: 1) Angela and her daughter Katherine were standing outside, dressed and ready to receive us at 8:30 AM.  Angela even decided not to go to work to go to church instead.  And we`ve only had one lesson with them!  2) Marlon, who told us flat out last week that he wouldn`t go to church because Barcelona was playing at that hour, was sitting on the church steps when we arrived with Belkys for her confirmation.  We hadn`t met with him all week either, but he decided to meet his commitment with God and go to church!  Now he has a baptismal date!  3) Yuriel brought his non-member brother Franklin and Nohebia came with her sisters.  Nohebia didn`t feel ready to be baptized this week, but she has a new date for the 11th.

-We went to the general Women`s broadcast and, miraculously, a recent convert who I`ve never seen come to church accepted our invitation to accompany us, as well as her non-member sister.  Also, the daughter of another recent convert (also a former investigator of mine) came when we invited her.  I missed the first part of the conference due to arriving late and then standing at the door to wait for the other two investigators slash converts to come, but what I heard was wonderful!  Soul-filling, that stuff.  How anyone can listen to the prophets speak and not feel the Spirit is beyond my comprehension!  Ah, President Eyring... I can`t wait for conference!

-Hey, go check out the Church`s ``Because He Lives`` campaign.  We basically can only use the little pass-along cards due to inavailability of internet here, but even that is powerful!  I KNOW that my Redeemer lives!  Take a minute to think of that fact.  How has He blessed your life?  How can you better serve Him?

I love you lots!  Thanks for your prayers!  Pray for me not to melt this week!

-Hermana Hansen

I hope these are the right pictures, because I can`t see them...

1- the zone (minus two sisters) ready for our water balloon fight to celebrate 40 baptisms this month.  And because it`s ridiculously hot.

2- Belkys` baptism!

3- Happy Birthday, Rebekah!  I thought about putting just the birthday hat, but then I realized that you`re probably more excited about graduating than turning 18, so now you have both hats!

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