Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 44: Semana Santa‏

Dear all,

Woohoo!!!  Wasn´t conference just great?!  I´m still on a spiritual high.  Now let´s talk about this week... Semana Santa.

So here´s a brief description of what happens during Semana Santa in Granada:

-It gets REALLY hot.  What else is new?
-Everyone puts out their kiddie pools and children and adults alike chill in their littlle oasis.
-Half of the world goes to the ¨playa¨ which is actually just the super crowded shore of the filthiest lake in Nicaragua.
-The men drink a lot of alcohol.
-There are Catholic and evangelical processions in the streets where people follow a statue of Jesus carrying the cross.
-We, the LDS missionaries, run around the empty streets handing out the pass-along cards of ¨Gracias a que Él Vive¨ (Because He Lives) and invite people to General Conference.

Despite all of this, I felt really happy this week!  I´m starting to love my investigators, the less-actives, and my area in general a lot more.  And we started writing our daily blessings and miracles as a companionship, which helped us see MORE miracles and blessings.  Speaking of that, let´s talk about Conference:

Some of the members of our branch got excited about inviting their family members to come to conference, and as a result we had 11 investigators in the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning sessions!  And we visited Victoria yesterday to see how she liked it, and she was touched by the talk on Saturday afternoon about repentance... ¨It was I, but I am no  longer that person.¨  We´re working on getting her ready for baptism on the 18th!  Also, Nohebia came with her super evangelical Mom (who sometimes preaches in her church using the Book of Mormon... not sure if I mentioned that in a previous letter, but it was one of my mission bucket list items that has now been crossed off!).  Other positive investigators are Guadalupe and Marlon, who each were ready when we passed by in the taxi to pick them up.

Ah, I love conference!  Three blissful sessions of air conditioning and soft benches and hearing the word of God from the mouths of His chosen servants.  I feel so blessed to know the gospel!  Here are my conference goals that I want to share with you:

-Fear God, not man
-Teach the Plan of Salvation more often and more thoroughly
-Be a Shiblon and work diligently without expecting recognition or comparing myself to others
-Fall in love with the gospel daily
-Help less actives feel my and God´s love
-Notice the Lord´s hand in all things

Whew, I´m running out of time, so here are some quick photos!  I love you a LOT!  Live the gospel and be happy!

-Hermana Hansen

1) Thank you, O3 YM/YW for your letter!  You lifted my spirits and made me feel loved!
2) With Hermana Melixza, our lunch cita, on her birthday with her Minion cake
3) Photo taken from the top of the Merced, that cathedral I took a photo in front of a few weeks ago.  Isn´t Granada gorgeous?
4) With Hermana Lord, fellow Orem-ite!  KayAnn knows her!  Also from Orem is Hermana Alexa Ortiz, who came this week!
5) Volcano Mombacho!

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