Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 40: So it´s Monday again?!‏

Hey, all!

Wow, I can´t believe it´s already Monday!  The week has flown.  Let´s start from the end and work our way backward.

Oh, but first, I want to tell Grandma and Grandpa Forsnes (one week late) FELICIDADES for their year and a half of dedicated service as missionaries in the temple in Halifax.  I seriously love and admire you both ¨un montón¨ and am eternally grateful for your example and sacrifice.  Senior missionary couples are the best!

Anyway, Sunday miracles:

-Belkys was dressed and ready when we passed by to remind her to go to church!
-Hna. Reina, non-member grandmother of recent converts, came to church without us reminding (or begging) her!
-Moises, an 18-year-old former investigator of the hermanas that were in this area before us miraculously showed up to church. He said, ¨I didn´t have anything else to do, so I thought, ´I guess I´ll go to church.´¨ We found his teaching record in the area book, and he apparently already has received his answer and has read a lot of the Book of Mormon.  Our God is a God of miracles!

And on Saturday... we got left with a full font of water and no baptismal candidate.  Cristian´s parents are going to let her aunt and uncle raise her, and they want nothing to do with the church.  That hurts.  It´s all part of the Lord´s plan.

Wow, I never have any time to write, I´m sorry!  I´ll write some really good journal entries to share with you when I get home.

This work is so true!  It is SO hard, and it stretches me in every way possible.  But there are also miracles and wonderful moments.  If you´re a missionary having a hard day, read some Alma 8, D&C 11, and 2 Nephi 4.  The scriptures are so true.  The gospel is so true.  Be true!  Live true and love Heavenly Father´s children!

-Hermana Hansen

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