Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 39: Good things!

Dear family and friends,

Remember how I used to write informative and inspiring emails home?  Yeah, me too. I`m going to attempt to write decent letters again, starting NOW!

First, THANK YOU for the package!  The Dr. Scholls insoles are the best things I`ve ever experienced, and the clothes were wonderful as well.  I love my amazing family!
And now, on to the news!

Good things are happening in Pancasan 3!  Hermana Quezada and I make a great team.  We`re being strictly obedient and working more efficiently than I have yet worked on my mission.  That makes missionary work fun!  When you`re busy all day contacting, teaching, setting baptismal dates.  I`ve never doubted that Nicaragua is a blessed land for the many people that Heavenly Father has prepared, but the more efficiently we work, the more obvious the miracles become!

Here are some investigator spotlights so you can see these miracles too (prepare for odd Nicaraguan names):

-Cristian is a sweet little girl who came to church with us for several weeks since we were always passing by on Sunday mornings for her sister and husband (who never wanted to keep their commitments).  But now Cristian is ready for baptism!  When we asked her what she was doing to prepare for her baptism, she said, ¨I can`t say malas vulgaridades.  But sometimes at school they slip out, so I ask God to forgive me.¨ Ah, she`s a cutie.

-Amilcar is 19 and a friend of our ward mission leader.  He wants to change his life and says he feels ¨super¨ every time we ask about that baptismal date.  We`re still verifying and re-verifying word of wisdom, but he really wants to meet his goal!

-Tupac is 22.  His hair is longer than mine and he plays guitar in a band.  But he is super honest with us and also super hilarious.  He felt at home in church and has started praying regularly.  His uncle is less-active and so is his cousin, so we`re working on the whole family!

-Nohevia is a miracle.  18 years old, she accompanied her returned-missionary sister to church for two weeks before we found out she wasn`t a member!

Now for some quick funnies:

-A 60-something year old man approached us in the street and asked us if we had a Bible.  He says, ¨Look up Ephesians 9:1.¨ We`re like, ¨Ephesians only has six chapters.¨ So then he says, ¨Look up Proverbs 20:2.¨ At this point, we smelled the alcohol on his breath and read him one verse earlier, Proverbs 20:1 (wine is escarnecedor...)

Anyway, out of time!  I love you all and I love being a missionary!

-Hermana Hansen

Ah, my camera won`t work! Photos next week!  But I bought shoes, don`t worry!

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