Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 77: Come Unto Jesus, Ye Heavy Laden!‏

Dearest everyone,
Let`s jump in with both feet!
- Tuesday: Fulfilled a mission bucket list item by visiting the fancy hospital in Managua with Hermana Lord!  No worries, we just went for a  doctor`s appointment and chest x-ray for a persistent cough that Hna. Lord has had for the past month and a half.  Now she has a bunch of pills to take that we hope are working!
- Our biggest challenge right now is helping investigators to stay positive and interested for more than one or two visits.  It`s not hard to find new people and have them commit to come to church and get baptized in the first appointment, but the next time we pass by they remember that they`re Catholic or that they work every Sunday or they just hide from us.
- Hna. Boulton and Hna. Hancock didn`t have electricity in their apartment for three days, so they slept over at our house for two nights.  Fun!  We took turns sleeping on the floor.
- The sweetest less-active-becoming-active family invited us over for dinner on Friday!  It touched me to see how meticulously they cleaned their tiny house, set a table with a white tablecloth, wore nice clothes, and prepared a simple meal of pasta, rice, platanos, and a little piece of chicken for us.  They were positively beaming as we raved about the food and watched us eat each bite.  Oh, I love these loving people!
- My companion is wonderful.  She pep-talked me through a major self-doubt session.  It`s hard to get to the end of your mission.  Being me, I started to overthink everything and wonder if I`ve made a difference in anybody`s life or improved as a person myself.  What I`m learning is to TRUST in the Lord and in His timing.  Numbers aren`t everything.  If you want to see a change, then change!  Life is a process, and it`s not over yet, so don`t stress!
- Funnies: I fist bumped a 95-year-old man and held hands with a monkey.  Also, we recently dropped investigators named Elmo, Jibreska, and Walmaro.  Tell me you don`t wish you were Nicaraguan to have a name as cool as that!
- Quote from my companion: ¨I just don`t know what I should do with my hands at the second coming.¨  Please send me your best suggestions!
I know that the gospel is true and that the Savior offers healing to each one of us if we just let Him in!  Don`t stop studying the scriptures... ever!
I love you!
-Hermana Hansen
Photos (I apologize in advance for my inability to take selfies):

Our cute little district family!
District picnic at la Makina, a cool waterfall
At the hopsital!  I felt like I was in the States, it was so nice!

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