Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 75: Take a Hike!‏

Dearest everyone,
I love each of you!  Thank you for your righteous examples and for fighting hard as part of the Lord`s army.  You inspire me!
Remember how life is a series of ups and downs?  That does not cease to be true.  After baptizing a positive, progressing investigator pool, often you go through a more active finding stage.  We found several positive-looking investigators this week, and randomly, most of them had already received missionaries and attended church previously.  However, most of them did not come to church on Sunday despite our best efforts to commit strongly and verify during the week.  I had the following thought: Sometimes, the mission feels like getting dumped by your boyfriend EVERY WEEK.  You`re left wondering, ¨What went wrong?  Just yesterday we were feeling the Spirit and smiling and planning on going to church together, and now you`re hiding from me!¨ Well, at least I`m learning to be more emotionally resilient!
The best part about serving a mission in Nicaragua is that when you feel sad after disappointing situations, you can take a hike through the rainforest (which is really just your area) and contact new people, enjoying the nice weather and the flora and fauna.
Hermana Lord and I have been enjoying missionary lightbulb moments about the Plan of Salvation and how very important the principles of agency and obedience are.  Also, in my personal study, I reviewed chapter five of Preach My Gospel about the Book of Mormon, especially its relationship with the Bible.  Wow, I really love the scriptures!  Side note: I invite you to read the book of Acts.  It`s excellent.
I`ve remembered this week the importance of progress and repentance.  We can`t remain discouraged when we think of all the things we`re doing wrong or need to do better.  We just need to repent!  Change can be hard, but it is so necessary.  It is so possible!  Remember that you are a work in progress.  Everyone you meet is a work in progress.  Therefore, work on your own progress and help someone else in their progress as well!
Sorry to not be very specific this week.  The mission is still the best thing I`ve ever experienced!  I love you all!
-Hermana Hansen

It`s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Man, I love being a missionary for the following reason: when a picture looks awkward, you can always grab a Book of Mormon and it`s instantly solved!  But in all seriousness, it`s one of the best gifts that God has given us!
Have a happy Nica Christmas!

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