Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 64: Pre-soak‏

Dearest everyone,
It`s been a full week, for me and for all of you!  Thanks for keeping me updated on all the goings-on at home.  It`s not an exaggeration when I say that all of you are in my prayers!
Bullet points!
-INTERVIEWS: We had interviews with President Russell this week!  That means that we now have a really clean house after cleaning checks and boosted ¨ánimo¨ after the interviews.  I got to have an awesome talk with my mission mom, Hermana Russell, before the actual interview.  The truth is, last transfer was a SUPER hard one for me, but I`m a stronger person for it.  After that, I had my interview with President.  He gave me lots of good advice and really took the time to help me feel better.  Here are a few of my takeaways: 1) The Lord does not need INSTANT missionaries, He needs CONSTANT missionaries. 2) Get your game face on before ward council!  Help them help you. 3) Missions are not meant to be stressful.   President looked in my eyes and said, ¨I want to see the Hermana Hansen that I knew in Pancasan again!¨ It´s true, Granada was hard, but I grew so much!  I came out confident, and I seem to have lost a lot of that confidence.  After my interview, I´m feeling way better!
-BAPTISMS: The chavalos got baptized!  José de Jesus, Yobelis, and Suleydi, all three cousins and all three children of less-actives.  Their grandpa has been bringing them to church, so we followed up with the teaching and, after a series of miracles, they made it to the waters of baptism!  We had a very spiritual experience as we conversed with Yobelis´ less-active-turned-evangelical dad who originally did not want her to get baptized.  I felt the Spirit guiding me and my companion to know what words to say and saw the change in his heart as we spoke.  Anyway, Saturday arrived and we were walking to the church with the whole family when it started POURING rain.  We frantically scrambled to find taxis and got completely soaked in the process... see baptism photos for evidence.  Just a little pre-soaking!
Oops, out of time!  I`m so sorry, next week will be better!  At least I`ll remember to attach photos this week.
President Nelson is coming to speak this week!  On Saturday we have a combined mission conference with the North mission, and on Sunday he´s coming to a Stake Conference here in Masaya!  Lots of preparation and lots of questions...

Love you tons!  I really am feeling so grateful to be where I am and with the people I am.  I know that the Lord loves us and that everything that happens is part of His plan for our eternal progression.  When you have questions, just ask Him and seek the answers in the scriptures, in prayer, and in the words of living prophets!  Be the answer to someone´s prayer this week!
-Hermana Hansen
photos: Looking cute for interviews!
Family of the chavalos in the baptism

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