Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 61: Stretching

Dearest everyone,
I`m going to be honest, this was a LONG week.  But, we made it through and on Wednesday we have changes!  I`m going to be sad to say goodbye to Hna. Chanchavac as she heads back to Guatemala, yet I`m excited for new eyes and new energy that changes always bring!
On Thursday, I did divisions with the Sister Training Leaders that are above me in Managua.  I got to work with Hna. De Leon in her area.  It was fun to remember how different the people are in each area... Managua, Masaya, Granada, etc.  I enjoyed Hna. De Leon`s energy and enthusiasm!  And it was fun not to be the leader for one day.  Also, I got some good counsel from Hna. Arana, my old sister training leader and great friend in the mission who lives with the STLs in Managua.  
Wendy´s husband told us that we never have permission to teach her again.  My heart broke.
We`re trying to seek the Spirit more as we teach and contact.  Most of the time we still think of people as numbers, and I did NOT come on a mission for numbers!!  
Some answers to prayers came this week as I read in True to the Faith about the Holy Ghost... page 82, go look it up!  Haha.  And also, Alma 57:6, oddly enough.
One final thought:  I love the scriptures!  My set of scriptures, specifically.  One night I was having a really hard time turning off my brain to go to sleep, and I started feeling panicky.  I didn`t want to turn the light on to read my scriptures and disturb my companion, so I just brought my English scriptures into my bed with me.  I thought of how many hours I`ve spent reading those inspired words and the comfort they`ve given me on so many occasions.  Those scriptures have been with me to girls´ camps, seminary, on vacations, to college, and they have lived next to my bed in my basement bedroom for years.  Even though I didn`t actually read the scriptures in that moment, I could feel greater peace and love knowing that I always have access to pure truth.  I KNOW the scriptures are true!  I know that God lives and loves us.  Please don`t get discouraged no matter how hard things get.
This has been a very difficult change, to be honest.  It was hard to leave Granada and all my friends and coping mechanisms.  I`m not sure what this change will bring, but I have hope!
I LOVE YOU!  Sending big hugs and specific prayers your way!
-Hermana Hansen
1) With Hna. Arana in Managua!  Hna. Grow had a book with Nicaraguan slang words and their meanings, and we found the entry for ¨chocho,¨ a word that Hna. Arana is famous for using.  I love this hilarious, wise, friendly chapina!
2) Hna. De Leon!
3) The smallest mandarin oranges I`ve ever eaten...
4) The quote I loved from True to the Faith.
5) The first and only p-day activity as a district... pretty sure the DL didn`t even ask permission, but sometimes you get desperate to see other missionaries. :)


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