Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week 62: Gringolandia!

Dear family and friends,
Coming to you live from Las Flores 3 with a new companion at my side, and she is none other than.... Hermana McArthur!  Yep, my first gringa!  I never thought it would happen, but I am ¨felíz como un lombríz¨ as they say here (happy as a stomach worm).  She´s my little sister in the mission, as she is Hermana Aquian´s second daughter.  We met back in September when we were in the same district and she was new to the mission.  She has one change less than me in the mission (because of the MTC) and is one of the most obedient, hilarious, dedicated missionaries I know.  I feel so blessed!
Other changes... our new district has only four people: us, the district leader, and his companion.  Hermana McArthur: ¨Isn´t that like a date?¨  Haha, it´s different.  It´s the DL´s first time as a leader.
We´ve been working HARD this week and have seen miracles!  One of them is Juan Carlos.  Hna. Chanchavac and I met him when he came to fix the shower in our house.  The bathroom is near where we keep all the pamphlets and other materials.  He saw a Book of Mormon and started leafing through it.  He asked us as he left if we sold the books.  We set up an appointment to visit him and taught lesson one.  With Hna. McArthur, we verified what he had learned the last time, and he remembered everything about how God established His true church and how the truth was lost, but then restored through the prophet Joseph Smith.  We asked if he had prayed about Joseph Smith, and he said he had and he felt good.  Wow!  When we passed by to pick him up on Sunday morning, he wasn´t ready yet and we had to convince him then wait for him for about half an hour, but he went and seemed to like it!
Another miracle: a new family is going to move into the ward.  The wife is a member, but the husband is not.  This week was his first time to visit church, and he was pleasantly surprised that it was different than he had envisioned.  Excited to share more with them when they officially live here starting this Friday!
Today we spent most of the day in Managua for a two-mission choir practice.  Do you know what that means?  There´s an apostle coming to visit!  Also, I got to see and talk to some of my favorite people, namely Hna. Powell, Hna. Gomez, Hna. Richins, Hna. Oldroyd, Hna. Seui-Matagi, Hna. Haws, and the rest.
Oh, and I have been VERY blessed with new clothes this week, after raiding Hna. Richins´ cast-offs when she had transfers, receiving a package from my wonderful family, and receiving a gifted dress from Hna. Karla.
Sorry to have a lame, me-centered email!  I promise next week will be better.  Just know that I am feeling a LOT more happy and hopeful!  I love you lots!
-Hermana Hansen


Happy Birthday, Dad!  And thanks for the package!
With Hna. McArthur!
Our new, awkward district.  Dad, Elder Miculax loved the cherry sours!  And I look horrid in this photo...

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