Saturday, June 20, 2015

Week 54: How beautiful upon the mountains...‏

Dearest everyone,

BIG thanks for all of the emails and photos you´ve sent... and hopefully someone can edit this email and insert the exclamation points that the computer won´t let me add, haha.  Olimpia, you make a gorgeous bride, and I wish you and Andrew infinite happiness.

We had another great week in Pancasan 3.  Wow, it´s going to be hard to leave if, cough, WHEN I have changes next week.  President basically told me I´m going, and it makes sense after almost six months and three transfers with Hna. Quezada.  It was my goal to feel sad when I left this area, and I have actually accomplished that; I can honestly say that I wouldn´t mind serving here for another six weeks.  Three cheers for charity and hard times, which change our hearts and help us grow. That´s what Granada has taught me.

Anyway, back to the news... Julisa and Braulio got baptized. Their mom and Braulio´s dad came to the service, and it was the first time we had met the dad.  Turns out the dad is a former investigator and lives in the area of other elders in our zone. He was on the point of baptism but didn´t go through with it because his partner, Josefa, the mom, didn´t want to get married and they were living together.  So we joked with them about when they´re getting married so that they can both get baptized, and on Sunday evening when we were leaving their house, Josefa asks, ¨So when can I get married?¨ We went crazy and ¨did the show¨ as we say in this mission to get her even more excited about baptism.  She´s on date for July 18th.

It rained a lot this week, which was a nice break from the heat.  Unfortunately, I used some gifted Croc-material water shoes on Monday that squished my toes and gave me an ingrown toenail.  I limped and hobbled a little this week because of that decision.  Not to worry, all is well now... I went to a foot clinic this morning, and boy, do these Nicaraguans know how to take care of feet.  Practically pain free and a bonus foot massage at the end while sitting in a comfy arm chair all for ten bucks.  You should probably come to Nicaragua the next time your toenails grow in weird.

Wow, time is basically up and I don´t think I´ve written anything inspiring or informative.  I even prepared a ¨spiritual insights¨ sticky note that I left in the house this morning when we left for the foot doctor and the mission home for the ¨most successful zone¨ prize BBQ.

Sorry for not being more spiritual, but I hope you know that I love you, I love the gospel, I love being a missionary, and I love Nicaraguans.  Keep being great and keep living the gospel.

SO much love,

Hermana Hansen

Baptism of Julisa and Braulio.  Nayeli, the cousin in pink, is on date for the 27th, and Josefa is working toward her goal as well.

Rain... and the view from my desk out the door.  Second house I´ve lived in in the mission that has my name on it.

Relief Society activity... making and eating soup.  Hermana Ana for the photo: ¨Have the gringas hold the spoon so it looks like they know how to cook.¨ Bahaha, I love Nicaraguans.

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