Saturday, June 6, 2015

Week 52: Happies and Sads

Dearest everyone,
Wow, there is so much to write!  And I actually planned my email today, so here we go, straight from the sticky note:
What made me happy this week:
-I bought a speaker to play music from my USB drive!  Ah, mornings just got so much better, rocking out to ´´Give Said the Little Stream´´ remixes.  No missionary should ever go three transfers without music!
-We had interviews with Presidente Russell!  And this time, I wasn`t all nervous and feeling like the most timid, lazy missionary on the planet.  We had a great little chat about the struggles of the area, the branch, the work, etc. He gave some good advice.  And as I was walking out, he told me, ´´Sister Hansen, you`ve changed a lot in your mission.  The first few times I interviewed you, you were nervous and unsure.  You seem to have hit your stride.´´  Music to my ears!  I feel the same way!
-They always weigh us in our interviews, and I`ve lost five pounds since the middle of March!
-We were extra hungry this week, but the Lord provided us with food when we most needed it... with some sort of hot pudding at a recent convert´s house and a nice dinner with meat (!) with a less active.  Ah, Hermana Esperanza!  Now I´m not as frustrated with her that she invites the Jehovah`s Witnesses over more than us. :)
-Sunday miracle!  I had very little hope that Fabiola would come to church, since we had only met with her briefly once this week and she didn`t look all that positive, but we had promised that we would pass by before church to walk with her.  And when she opened the gate at 1:45, there she was, dressed and ready with her four-year-old daughter, nine-year-old niece, and infant nephew.  WOOHOO!!!  And she stayed for two hours and loved church!
-Wedding and a baptism!  Norma and Alberto got married, and Norma got baptized!  We had to go visit the city records place (la alcaldía) to find her son`s birth certificate.  Wow, that was cool... walls of shelves of record books with old papers and four women sitting at typewriters making birth certificates.  Anyway, everything went fairly smoothly by Nicaraguan standards, and we had a lawyer and witnesses and a few people present for the baptism, so I consider it a success.
-I celebrated one year in the mission!  I`m not a fan of month-counting, but one year is a big enough deal not to ignore.  I celebrated by wearing the same clothes in which I entered the MTC.  Picture attached!  My cute companion also gave me a cupcake and a little note.

What made me sad this week:
-Julio decided that the church that is a block from his house is more convenient than the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  That was pretty devastating news.  I really thought he was changing and becoming converted, but I guess anybody can lie.
-We got mildly macheted by Hermana Russell in interviews because my companion doesn`t like to study English, and I haven`t been pressuring her to do it.  Now we`re getting serious about language study!  Okay, that didn`t actually make me sad, but for some reason it was on my sad list, haha!
Well, I didn`t even make it to my funnies/deep thoughts, but I`m out of time!  Haha, maybe that`s all you`ll get next week... funnies and deep thoughts.
I LOVE YOU a bunch!  Keep doing wonderful things!  The gospel is so true and blesses everyone who chooses to live it!
-Hermana Hansen

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