Thursday, June 11, 2015

Week 53: Puro Chavalero‏

Hey, all!
So, I accidentally spent all of my email time reading your awesome news and writing back to some of you wonderful people, so sorry that this will be brief!
-My companion was sick on Tuesday with a killer cold that knocked her flat.  I did divisions with Hna. Duran, a recently returned missionary who served in Bolivia.  I certainly missed my companion´s ¨animo¨ (energy, excitement), but we still were able to walk fast and get things done with Hna. Duran, so all was well.
-Julisa, our investigator, turned thirteen on Tuesday.  She invited us to her birthday lunch, which was fun.  That kid loves us!  I really don´t think I´ve ever been more loved or more hated than I have been on my mission, haha!
-Francisco, age nine, got baptized!  He reminds me a ton of Michael Arnoldsen: he´s smart and easygoing.  They even look a little bit the same.  But he´s a great kid and his less-active grandma and cousins have started coming to church again!
-Saturday´s baptism was strategically planned at the same time as the Primary activity.  The good news is, a ton of kids came.  (Puro chavalero!)  The bad news is, there were very few adults.  My childcare/primary teacher skills were put to the test as I stood in front of a room of 40+ children trying to maintain their attention long enough to talk about baptism and keep them quiet for the service.  ¨If you can hear me, touch your nose!  If you can hear me, cover your mouth!¨ 
-We had eight children ages 13 and under accompany us to church.  That´s what happens when kids tell their friends that church is fun, and the missionaries are cool... puro chavalero!  We´re looking for more families and adults who are ready to hear the gospel.

-Nohebia, who was baptized in April, just got called as the second counselor in the Relief Society presidency.  We ran into Marlon, who was baptized in May, while he was home teaching.  And Mario, who was baptized in February, baptized Francisco.  These are the moments that make it worth it!!!
Whoo, no more time, but the gospel is true!  Missions are hard and hilarious and miraculous and frustrating and sacred.  So is life.  Push forward, love everyone, pray and study, go to church.  That´s what makes things better!
Hermana Hansen
-The best cars out there!  Taken last Monday.  So many Toyota Corollas in Granada.
-Special Nicaraguan lunch (for Julisa´s birthday): Rice, red beans, cooked plantain, fried chicken (under the salad), and salad.
-The hermanas in the district in front of Lake Nicaragua.  
-The whole district.  
-Me in front of a cathedral.

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