Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 46: No seas, pues, cual hàragan... la lucha es real‏

Dear Family and Friends,

Hey, how`s it going?  Actually, I already know that you`re all doing GREAT things, because you`ve sent me emails telling me so!  Thanks a million for your news, it makes me smile all week long.

Well, this week was... hot, as usual.  We did regular missionary things, and tried not to fall asleep or sweat to death from the heat. :)  But the best news...

Nohevia and Victoria got baptized!!  And it was the most beautiful baptismal service I`ve had on my mission.  The font was filled on time, Nohevia`s family and friends came, our ward mission leader and the other auxiliary leaders were present, those assigned to give talks came, my companion and I sang a special musical number, and there were refreshments.  Basically, it all happened like baptisms are supposed to happen, but sometimes the ideal is not reality in Nicaragua.  Oh, and one of our investigators who we had invited came, and Nohevia`s dad was there as well, who is not a member.  The Spirit was strong, and I know that these two recent converts can become faithful members of the church!

Anyway, it was a joy to see the change in Victoria especially this week.  She was still unsure of a lot of things due to some lies and weird rumors that her family had told her.  In the closing prayer of one of our lessons, she said, ``Help me to know that this is true, although I`m pretty sure it is.`` And thanks to some stellar fellowshipping by the new branch president`s wife and the relief society president, Victoria now feels at home in the church and like it`s her family.

Other happy moment:  Nohevia (who was SUPER prepared for her baptism) hugged us after her baptism with a huge smile and simply said, ``Thank you for everything!`` 

Well, I don`t have a lot of time.  There were a couple of funny moments... like when two investigators in a row in the street saw us walking and said, ``Hey, you didn`t come when you said you would!`` ... which was a lie, but it was still funny that it happened one and then the other as we finished setting another appointment with the first one.  There were a lot of super stressful moments, due to the fact that I`m still learning to love my leaders and their high numbers goals that sometimes stress me out of my mind.  But... we just need to trust in the Lord, pray hard, work hard, and study hard to feel better.  

The gospel is true!  If you haven`t reached perfection yet, try not to beat yourself up.  And don`t let anyone else beat you up for that either!  Heavenly Father knows EVERYTHING you think and feel and do, so just talk to Him and let Him help you.

I love you LOTS!  XXOOxoXoO

-Hermana Hansen


1) Baptism!  Nohevia is the taller one, and Victoria is the one with cutie Rosemary in front.

2) Chocolate prizes from district meeting stand no chance against Granada`s heat

3) I`m finally legal!! Guess who got a residence card last Monday?

4) Snapshot of Granada!  Catholic cathedral, motorcycle, Toyota Corolla (one of about 35 that are constantly haunting me in the streets... such a great car!) and the touristy horse-drawn carriage that Granada is famous for.

5) Exotic fruit!  Guayaba

6) Exotic fruit!  Nispera

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