Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 37: ¡Felìz dìa de amor y cariño!

Dear family and friends,

Hope you all had a good week!  Mine  was pretty normal as far as missionary standards.  You know, some miracles, some heartaches (I liked the way Elder Adam Young said it in last week`s report).  

So, here`s some random news bits from this week.  Sorry, I didn`t organize my thoughts on a sticky note in my planner this week, so sorry if it`s jumbled.

-We got a second counselor in the branch presidency!  When I came to this area six weeks ago, we only had a secretary.  The district president was acting as branch president (and still is).  But now we have a first and second counselor!  Woohoo!

-Mario came to church again!  We didn`t see him all week because he was working in the northern part of the country, but we called him on Sunday afternoon and he said (in his usual miraculous way), ``Oh yeah, I just got into town a few hours ago.  Of course I`m going to come to church.``  Ah, those are the moments you live for!

-Luis Alberto`s super negative wife always says terrible things when we come to visit.  But this week we gave Luis his baptism photos, and the wife`s heart was softened and told us that she can see we`re good people.  She gifted us coconuts, and Luis Alberto nearly gave me a heart attack as I watched the elderly man climb onto his roof to cut them down.

-We were making the rounds on Sunday afternoon before church (our branch meets at 2:00), a dog that always barks at us in an investigator`s house was loose from his chain and came running at us.  My companion screamed, but the dog only went flying by.  Then we died laughing.

-Sometimes I have bachata songs stuck in my head because they`re constantly playing in the streets.  Sometimes I can`t sleep because they`re stuck in my head.

-I`m grateful for a sweet companion!  One day I was hot and rather grumpy because every appointment was falling through and investigators had told us that they didn`t want anything to do with the Mormons and so forth.  I said in a moment of desperation, ``What are we doing wrong?  Are we really such bad missionaries that nobody wants to hear this message?  What can we change?`` And my companion`s just like, ``Maybe you just need to sleep more.``  Then she pulled out a scripture as we walked and helped me see the bigger picture.

Anyway, I`m out of time and I don`t have much more to say.  I`m going to focus more this week on feeling the Spirit and helping my investigators to feel it too.  And also, I`m going to sleep better!  Doesn`t Elder Holland have a quote about that?

It`s a transfer week!  I`ll let you know what happens!

Lots of love,

Hermana Hansen

1) The district on Valentine`s Day
2) Cocos at Luis Alberto`s house.  First time drinking coconut milk!
3) Awkward companionship selfie with our cocos

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