Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 36: Turning Point!

Hello, dearest everyone!

Time is short because we had to write in the church and the internet wasn`t working on my computer.  Now we have the rest of the zone waiting to write.  I also spent time reading emails from the family and I love you all and love hearing your news!

-We had one of the Sister Training Leaders, Hermana Grow, come work with us for a day.  Being in a trio is the weirdest thing ever!  But we learned some things that will help us improve, so it was a success.

-Elder Kevin R. Duncan of the area presidency came to speak to our mission, and I consider the experience to be a major turning point for me.  WOW, the things that we learn when we prepare with the Spirit and the teacher teaches with the Spirit!  There is seriously no time to go into details, but suffice it to say that every question I had going into the conference was answered, either through the words of Elder Duncan, the scriptures he shared, or the whisperings of the Spirit.  I feel my vision elevated as far as what my purpose is here and what is possible for this area.  A few points: 1) Teach repentance, not just helping the investigators meet minimum requirements for baptism. 2) Everyone who will eventually join the church and become a powerful leader in your area probably already lives in your area.  Who will be the church leaders in your area in 20 years?  Find them, teach them, baptize them!

Okay, there`s seriously no time.  If it`s cold there, just think of me sweating to death and getting sunburned.  Sunday was a scorcher!

Ah, lots of miracles, but again, no time!  Mario continues to be amazing and Estefani still hasn`t returned to be confirmed.  Anyway... until next week!


Hermana Ali Hansen

1) Early morning birthday surprise for Hermana Powell!
2) Nicaraguan children are adorable: Exhibit E
3) Multi-zone photo (can you see my tan line?)

I have a couple more minutes, so here are my funnies:

-I received notes from some of my favorite converts and members in Loma Linda at the multi-zone.  One was addressed to ¨Hermana Homcel¨ another to ¨Hermana Hansell¨ and the other to ¨Gringuita Linda.¨ I love my Nicaraguan life!

-When we are contacting and see a family, my comp always says in her limited English, ¨Family Search!¨ And then we go contact them.

Out of time!  Love you!

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