Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 9: No hay tiempo!

Dear family,

Aaahhh, I am the worst at managing email time!  I seriously have like three minutes, and I left the general email for last.

We´re working hard with lots of new investigators.  We´ve set a ton of new baptism dates, so now it´s time to teach and prepare those people to make this first covenant with their Heavenly Father.

Elmer is progressing, and I love his faith and willingness to keep all commitments and read his assignments and more.  Jazmine, his wife, isn´t quite as excited, still.  Working on that.

I´m also working on being more bold.  I always hold myself back and assume I´m less capable than I am, but when I try, I realize how much the Lord really helps us when we open our mouths.

Thank you for your prayers... I felt them this week, on specific occasions.

Oh, and Hermano Leslie is still the greatest person ever.  He accompanied us on a lesson this week and bore his testimony... what a gem!

Love you all tons!  Sorry for the lame email, next week´s will be better, and have pictures!

-Hermana Ali Hansen

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