Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 11: Seis hermanas, una casa

Querido familia y amigos,

Sending lots of prayers your way as you recover from your bike accident, Mom!  So scary.  

I´ll do more or less of a daily report this week.

Tuesday:  Interviews with Presidente Russell!  It was good to receive his advice and counsel.  I learned that I need to just relax and trust the process, because I´m never going to be done learning and growing on my mission or in life.  Learning the language of the Spirit is harder than learning Spanish, it turns out... but it´s even more important!  And I´ve seen more miracles this week as I focus on following the Spirit.  Also, I´m happier!

Thursday:  Hermana Maria took us to Ticomo, the limit of our area, to meet a less active family and also to contact.  That day, we only sat down four times in eight hours.  I´m getting strong physically and spiritually as a missionary in Nicaragua!

Friday:  Everything happened on Friday!  First our district meeting in the newly renovated chapel in Loma Linda, the area of the other missionaries in our district.  Then lunch with Hermana Gladys, their lunch cita, who is a super good cook and serves HUGE portions.  Later, we looked at another house to rent, and are waiting for our leaders to come check it out.  

Also on Friday, Hermana Richins went to the hospital because she has an eye infection way behind her eye.  She´s not allowed to be in the sun for six days, so they called two mini missionaries to work with her and Hermana Peña this week.  That means we have six hermanas living in our house this week!  Showering before church yesterday was quite the feat, considering the fact that the water wasn´t running.  Just another day in Nicaragua!

Still Friday: we had a noche de hogar with a bunch of the jovenes and a new investigator in kilometro 16.  Ah, it was so great!  Thirteen youth showed up, including members, recent converts, less actives, and the investigator.  They´re all helping each other live the gospel and feel accepted as members of the church!  Later that night, one of the assistants and zone leaders came to meet Elmer y Jazmine and get them excited for their baptisms.  Unfortunately, Jazmine´s baptism date just fell through because she didn´t come to church this week.  There´s another story on that... here goes:

So, STILL Friday:  We went to visit Jazmine, who we haven´t been able to find for almost a week, and we´ve been super worried about her.  We read a bunch of the Book of Mormon with her and were trying really hard to figure out what´s holding her back from receiving her answer.  We spent longer than the 20 minutes that President wants us to spend in lessons, but it was necessary. The Spirit was there as we were trying to ask those inspired questions.  Finally, she´s talking to us, and all of a sudden she starts to cry a little.  That´s HUGE for her, because she´s very guarded in her feelings.  She tells us that she and Elmer have been having some issues as a couple and were actually separated right before we started visiting them.  They´re still thinking they might get divorced, and she has kind of connected the church with Elmer because he´s so ready for his baptism.  It was one of those Ensign moments, man!  We´re going to keep working with her, and hopefully one day soon she´ll be ready to make this covenant, too.

Ah, I think I´m out of time for funnies this week, but there were a few.  I´ll write them down for later.

But I loved being a missionary a lot more this week!  Guess what, all the answers to our problems (or at least mine as a missionary) can be found in the scriptures, Preach My Gospel, and prayer.  We just have to ask, seek, and knock.  Those promises from scriptural and living day prophets are real!  Don´t be afraid to put forth the effort necessary to live the gospel, search the scriptures, and really pray.  You´ll find happiness, I promise!

Lots of love,

Hermana Ali Hansen

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