Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 10: When it rains...

Hola, familia!

How do I even describe this week... so much to tell!

I´ve been writing a "You know you´re a missionary in Nicaragua when..." list over the course of my mission.  An entry from this week:  You know you´re a missionary in Nicaragua when you give thanks for the crazy rainstorms to help the drought, then ask for the water to please run when you turn on the faucet in the morning in the same prayer.  (Sorry for my attitude... five days out of seven without water starts to get old.)  Perhaps I´ll add more of these in the coming weeks.

We´ve been working super hard with our family, Elmer y Jazmine.  Elmer is seriously so ready, but Jazmine grew up as a Seventh-Day Adventist (I think) and has a hard time accepting Joseph Smith since his name isn´t in the Bible.  We´re meeting with her basically every day to read El Libro de Mormon and pray.  Man, this mission stuff is really hard on your heart... I just want her to gain a testimony so bad!  If you even knew how much the gospel could bless your life...!

The ward has been helping us a lot, especially the ward mission leader and his wife.  We had three family home evenings where they accompanied us.  Hno. Roberto also gave two blessings of healing to a recent convert and an investigator.  The most celestial family ever, la familia Roa, had another FHE of their own accord and invited some new converts, so we stopped in for a minute.  Ah, great ward!

We also had lots of learning experiences with our leaders this week.  First, on Tuesday, we had a meeting for all the missionaries and trainers who arrived here on June 10th.  I learned how to increase my faith from Presidente Russell´s message.  I also ate more on Tuesday than I did any other two days this week... muffins, McDonald´s, then a birthday meal at Martin y Meylin´s house that night.  Phew, so much food!  

Anyway, on Wednesday our district leader and his greenie companion worked with us in our area.  Elder Sacalxot is great at listening to the Spirit and talking to everyone.  It´s always awkward to try to teach lessons with four missionaries, but I learned a lot by listening.

Friday, we had exchanges with the sister training leaders.  Hermana Perez came to work with me in our area.  Wow, she is a bold missionary... no hesitation to call people to repentance, which is what our area needs.  We talked to a lot of super stubborn people with pretty confused beliefs, but I still learned a lot.  She asked me frankly, "Are you nervous?  What are you scared of?"  I need to trust more in the Lord and in my ability to communicate and connect with people here.  

Scripture of the week: Ether 12:4.  Oh, now I´m second guessing myself on that reference, but I´m trying to talk about the "ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith" scripture.  Let me reiterate: we don´t receive a witness until AFTER the trial of our faith.  It might be scary, or take time, or be uncomfortable, but that´s why it´s called a trial!  And then we receive a witness of the truth.

Love you all tons!

-Hermana Hansen

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