Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Week 49: Press Forward, Saints!‏

Here is last week`s email that didn`t send because of the attachment and the other district coming in to write.  So hooray!  Today you get a double email!

Dearest everyone,

I have NO time, but it`s okay because I talked to the most wonderful family in the world yesterday and you already know the big things!  Sorry to everyone else if you really wanted a weekly update. :)

Sorry for getting all trunky when we talked.  I`m usually in a better mood about everything, but Sundays are the hardest days.  We have two sacrament meetings to bring investigators to, which means about 3 hours in the sun listening to excuses of why people can`t come.  Just send me happy thoughts on Sundays, okay? :)

I was pondering this morning about weaknesses and imperfections.  I was all self-conscious about what I had said and how it may have been interpreted, so therefore... the pondering.  So here are my thoughts:

We`re all pretty imperfect people.  That`s a fact.  So what do we do about it?  Accept the fact and slide into a self-satisfied complacency, not doing anything to change and living far beneath our potential?  Or do we obsess over our imperfections and kill ourselves trying to fix them, becoming miserable and self-critical in the process?  The answer to me came in the form of a hymn: Press forward, saints, with steadfast faith in Christ.  With hope`s bright faith alight in heart and mind.  With love of God and love of all mankind.  Ponder each line of that!

Wow, I have zero time to tell you the details and the funnies and all the wonderful moments of this week.  I am learning and loving and changing and growing!  And yes, I am tired and 

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