Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Week 48: Wet

Hey, Everyone!

So, the subject line: wet.  I`ve been wet all week.  For the first few days, it was hot and even more humid than usual.  The air stopped moving, and we started sweated.  I literally dripped sweat for about three days.  Then on Friday, it POURED rain from about 7:30 until who knows what hour of the night.  The power went out.  Here`s my storm story:

We were in Miguel`s house teaching the law of chastity.  It had already been raining a little, but it started to really come down while we were with him.  We hurriedly closed with a prayer and went running like crazies down the street to Hna. Dorita`s house, because we couldn`t be alone with him inside his house (we had been teaching on the porch).  After almost an hour of rain pounding on the metal roof and us shouting hymns (Master, the Tempest is Raging), we had to start for home to arrive at 9:00.  We called every taxi`s number we had, but nobody answered.  Home is about six blocks from there, and you could hardly see, the rain was so thick.  We said a prayer that we would be able to find a taxi, said goodbye to Hna. Dorita, and ran (squealing) into the rain.  In that moment, a taxi miraculously passed right in front of the house and took us home!  We still got soaked in those few moments outside, but it was a miracle. :)

Miguel continues to be super amazing!  We had a hard time finding him again all this week, but the times we did get to meet with him, he was positive and is keeping the commandments.  He said yesterday, ``When you come visit me, I always feel so happy.  Why is that?`` Awww, Ensign moment!  We explained more about the Holy Ghost.  He`s getting baptized this Saturday!  And when we verified if he was going to come to church on Sunday, he said, ``Yep, I`m going to pass by for Marlon (another investigator we have) and we`re going to walk together at 1:30.``  Ah, makes my heart happy!

We`re still looking for new investigators.  Sometimes I let the heat get to me and we have zero energy, but we`re learning to let our spirits be stronger than our physical bodies.  And to be honest, I`m still human and I get frustrated and bored occasionally after walking the same streets for 17 weeks.  It`s all part of the learning process!

Oh, Milagros and Julio are progressing as well!  Milagros is about 30 years old and has a daughter who loved Primary the first time we went to church with them.  She`s started reading the Book of Mormon.  I LOVE when investigators read!!!  Julio is Milagros` father, and he almost didn`t come to church on Sunday, but we brought the taxi right in front of their door and didn`t give him much time to think twice about it.

Funny: A man passed by selling ceramic wall ornaments in the street, and his selling call was, ``I bring the sun, the moon, and the stars.`` And my companion and I died laughing as we pictured buying those giant things to teach the Plan of Salvation and whipping them out of our backpacks at the end of the lesson.  I think the heat and lack of sleep (it`s impossible to sleep when the power goes out and it`s deathly hot and you can`t turn on your fan) got to us a little and we were slightly slap-happy.

Okay, time to go.  I love you lots!  The gospel is true!

All my love,

Hermana Hansen

photos: Nightly planning by candlelight after getting soaked by the rain and having no power

Nicaraguan babies are adorable!  This chunker is the district president`s daughter.

Making pupusas with the zone!

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