Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 71: Disfrutando Diriamba!‏

Dearest everyone,
Somehow it`s Monday yet again!  I´m not sure how that happened so quickly.  What more do I have to report this week?
Angela is getting baptized on Saturday!  I`ve seen a real change in her in these weeks, she is much more sure of her testimony and is living the commandments.  She is reading the Book of Mormon daily and she even brought her thirteen-year-old daughter, Julissa, to church on Sunday.  Julissa doesn`t live with Angela, but she does live in our area, so woohoo!  
What else do I report about investigators?  We found a lot of new people that we thought were positive, but then most of them lied to us and now don`t want to receive us.  Earlier in my mission, that probably would have frustrated me more.  Now I know that it`s part of the process!  We have other people progressing, but no major stories I can think to share.
Oh, I do have a story!  Try to read this without tearing up: 
We have a recent convert in our area named Colallas (co-lie-us).  He´s 85 years old and lives alone in a tiny rusted metal shack.  He´s a really sweet, miniature man who loves to hear the word of God.  Last week, someone threw a wooden pole over the wall and it hit him on the shoulder.  Colallas´ shoulder became bruised and purple and he has difficulty moving his arm.  Even in that state, he came to conference last week, but he was quite dirty and smelled bad because he can´t shower or wash his clothes very well.  A sister in the ward noticed this and commented on it when we went to visit her.  But instead of criticizing, Ana Luz (who has two grown sons who are disabled and was just diagnosed with osteoporosis herself) asked if we could bring Colallas´ dirty clothes to her house so she could hand-wash them in her cement pila.  ¨I`ve seen him be so faithful in church these past few months, and I want him to be able to attend with dignity and feel clean.¨  So we thanked her and brought her the clothes.  Two days later, she gave us a sack of freshly laundered and mended clothes to deliver to Colallas.  My word, I love these people!  Ana Luz definitely has her own problems to deal with - health, economic, disablility - yet she understands what it means to be a disciple of Christ and live your baptismal covenants!
Some quick funnies, and then I`ll finish up.
-We randomly happened upon a less-active sister this week who had been baptized and promptly stopped attending.  In her prayer, she asked that we would return to our home to find ¨a pleasing, Godly odor¨ there.  Hmm, I`ve never thought to pray for that before, but it`s a good idea!
-I almost tripped and fell while drinking water and walking up a hill.  Hna. Garfield was in front of me to break my fall, but I ended up splashing her with water and she freaked out because she thought I was being attacked.
-My companion and I have been bonding more this week!  Hna. Garfield is pretty quiet and doesn`t talk a lot.  One night, after planning, we had been talking when I said, ¨Okay, that was a good talk.  Let´s go to bed.¨ Hna. Garfield: ¨Well, more like you talk, and I listen.¨ Me (in a joking tone): ¨Well, what else is new?¨ Then Hna. Garfield laughed and laughed... and now she talks to me more! ;)
Life is great!  The gospel is true!  Choose the right way and be happy!  Remember that I love you!
-Hermana Hansen
Celebrating Hna. Garfield´s nine months by eating a hamburger!
Happy BIRTHDAY to the best big brother I`ve ever had!  Love you, Jake!
En las cascadas

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