Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 69: I like to look for rainbows...

Dearest everyone,
Happy 446th anniversary of the Bible being published in Spanish!  And happy lunar eclipse!  I found out about the first occasion by the street parade the Apostolic church put on yesterday, and the second phenomenon by the crowds of people standing outside of their houses staring at the sky.  Cool stuff!
And without further ado...
INVESTIGATORS: Angela (39) is progressing well and is reading all of her assignments!  We were worried that she wasn`t going to be able to make it to church because it rained all night on Saturday, and she lives in a very steep and very muddy area that is almost impossible to climb out of, especially since she has a small daughter that she has to carry in her arms.  But the sun came out and dried the mud by the time Relief Society started, so she came!
Luis (50) was just waiting for a divorce to go through so that he can get married to his current partner and live the law of chastity, but now it looks like he won`t need to get divorced after all.  He asked us about ¨sacerbautismo¨ the other day.  That was a cute moment.
Jamileth (28), Zoyla (17), and Rudy (10): We had invited them to be baptized last week, but they didn`t seem all that positive even though they accepted.  We returned this week, and they turned off the TV and listened intently to the message of the restoration.  Then they came to church!  I`m excited to teach more with them.
BIRTHDAY: I turned 21!  My awesome companion arranged for the ward mission leader´s wife to buy one of the good cakes from PriceMart, which is the Nicaraguan equivalent of Costco.  It was delicious and we enjoyed it all week long!  And I made it through two Nicaraguan birthdays without getting eggs cracked on my head... such a blessing!
ZONE MEETING: We learned how to work more effectively with the ward council and help the ward help us.  After doing practices, I saw the benefit of having better, more specific plans and using all of our resources to have success and build the Lord´s kingdom!
FUNNIES: A clown pulled up to us on the street in a mototaxi and asked where to find scriptures about the spirit world.  Turns out he´s a less-active member!  We were a little surprised, to say the least.  
I tried a new kind of drink (fresco natural) this week - fresco de genjibre.  It`s made up of fresh ginger and milk and is SUPER strong.  It was pretty good, but it definitely cleared out my sinuses!
I realized that I`ve probably met more Nicaraguans than the average Nicaraguan, with all the contacting and teaching and moving around to different areas we do in the mission.  That thought made me smile.
Well, we`re learning and loving and growing in the mission!  There`s so much more I could share, but for lack of time, I`ll leave it there.
I love you LOTS and hope you each enjoy conference and receive personal revelation there!
-Hermana Hansen

Cool Nicaraguan graffiti!
My birthday!  The other companionship of hermanas in our district were in Managua.
This is in my area!  Where they cut rectangular stones to build houses.

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