Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 33: The week I finally realized I could speak Spanish

Hey, everyone!
So, I spent basically all of my email time sending personal emails.  I apologize in advance for the anticipated lame-ness of this week`s report.
- We had divisions within the zone on Wednesday!  I worked with Hermana Lagos, who was Hermana Aquian`s companion two changes ago.  It was fun to work in another area (even though I don`t really know my way around my own area yet) and get to know Hermana Lagos.  We had fun teaching together, working hard to meet the zone`s goals for the exchanges and discussing methods to combat mission weight gain.
- This Sunday was District Conference, like Stake Conference but for an area that only has branches instead of wards.  We had sweet Roxanna, a 14-year-old new investigator walk the rounds with us for over an hour in the morning reminding all of our investigators that they committed to go to church.  We had a miracle contact on Saturday that showed up to the conference on Sunday... woohoo!  The talks were good, although different than the stake conferences I`m used to.  Speakers addressed topics of chastity, tithing, agency, and the importance of attending church.
- We have some baptismal prospects for this Saturday!  I`ll let you know how that goes next week.
-Old Nicaraguan men are hilarious and very frank.  Luis Alberto has no problem telling us exactly how long it`s been since he`s been intimate with his ¨wife¨ (they`re not married) Manuela, all with his cute bug eyes.  Also, he told us that he knows the Book of Mormon is true because he read the introduction and it talks about Esther just like in the Bible.  We didn`t have the heart to tell him that ¨Esther¨ is really ¨Ether.¨  
Another favorite old man is Ronaldo.  After explaining the Word of Wisdom, he says, ¨Estas hermanitas me ponen un camino angostito.¨ We gifted him a bag of Pinolillo (popular Nicaraguan drink mix) to help him not drink coffee, and he was so grateful that he now wants to buy us leather belts... haha, Nicaragua never ceases to amuse me!
Ah, I`m out of time, but I have so much more to say!  My companion is sometimes super hilarious.  Sometimes the heat makes us loopy and ridiculously tired.  Anyway, until next week!

I love you lots!
Hermana Ali Hansen
1. The hermanas of Zona Granada next to their companions!  Hermana Powell is from Brigham City and went to Box Elder.  She knows Andrew Miller!
2. Hermanas of Granada next to their companions for a day
3. Zona Granada celebrating birthdays of Hermana Arana and Elder Jimenez in the restaurant Ajua

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