Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 24: Más chele...‏

Hey, family and friends!
So, this week: 
-Erwin got baptized!  The first time we tried to set a baptismal date with him, he told us his personal goal for baptism at the end of this year.  But with a little persuasion by us and mostly by the Spirit, he prepared for the 15th of November.  Erwin wanted to clean up his language before making this covenant, so we made him a cutesy sticker chart and he made his goal!  He´s a funny kid; when we asked him how he felt after his baptism, he responded, ¨Más chele.¨ or ¨More white/gringo.¨ And Jovany (who got baptized last month) gave a talk in Erwin´s baptism and made Hermana Estrada and I so proud!
-In the spirit of, ¨If you see something that needs to be done, just do it,¨ Hermana Estrada and I woke up early on Friday morning to clean the church.  After two hours of sweeping and mopping the hallways, we saw some major improvement and had blisters to show for it.  But we´re planning on going back one day this week with some members to give service and do a thorough cleaning of the chapel, classrooms, and bathrooms.
-We did a double take when we walked past our house on the way to our lunch appointment on Friday.  When we locked up in the morning, our house was red.  At noon, it was bright green.  I guess the landlord wanted a change and bought some paint...
-Sunday was so great!  Here´s why:
1) Eliet´s husband (who she´s not actually married to) came to church instead of spending the weekend drunk!  And he says he wants to change and accepted a baptismal date! 
2) Pedro (last week´s miracle contact) came!  We tried to contact him all week, but he was never home and doesn´t have a phone.  The bummer part is that he´s moving this week, but he plans to keep coming to church.  We´re going to pass the reference to wherever he goes, because this man needs to be baptized!
3) The talks in Sacrament Meeting were great!  And so was Gospel Principles!  Sometimes I steel myself for church because often the talks and lessons are prepared at the moment of delivery instead of in the days or weeks beforehand, and you´re never sure what´s going to be said that might scare your investigators away (or bore them).  But this week, the speakers testified of the Book of Mormon and family history in an interesting and approachable way.  Gospel Principles was on the Restoration and the teacher encouraged class participation.
-Nicaragua is beautiful.  I just never get over the sky, the green, the view of the lake and the volcanoes, the huge clouds, the colorful houses.... ahhh.  Literally, there are butterflies that flutter through the streets.  And there´s also a lot of dirt, garbage, and dog poop, but I still find it gorgeous!
I´m out of time, so I´ll attach a few photos and be done.  But I love you all and I love this work!  Make no mistake, it´s definitely work, but it´s worth it!
Hermana Hansencita
1) The crazy district!
2) Erwin´s baptism!
3) We had to go from the church to the mission office for Hna. Estrada´s final interview, and we didn´t have umbrellas, so we improvised.

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