Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Week 8: Es tiempo de cambiar...

Hello, all!

It´s been a week of changes!  Although Hermana Aquian and I will remain in Monte Fresco 1 at least until I´m finished with training (one more transfer), Hermana Cuque (our housemate) completed her mission and went home to Guatemala.  Hermana Richins gets to finish her training with Hermana Peña from Costa Rica, who is super funny and a really hard worker.  She has the rule of no English until after 9:30 at night, which is helping Hermana Richins as well as myself make leaps and bounds in our Spanish abilities.  I hadn´t realized how much English we were speaking while in the apartment (Hermana Cuque was trying to prepare for her end-of-mission English exam) until it was no longer allowed.  Haha, now my English is really going to slip as my Spanish takes up more space in my brain.

Anyway, it´s been an odd week.  There always seems to be something that happens that keeps us from working effectively the whole day.  At the beginning of the week, it was members wanting to feed all four of us missionaries in the ward for Hermana Cuque´s departure, and the meals always took way too long.  Then we had to go look at a house one day, because the one we´re living in has tons of issues.  For example, the water didn´t run for like four days, so we resorted to filling our shower buckets with some super sketchy water that was sitting in a blue barrel outside for who knows how long.  No lice or other diseases have surfaced from that experience yet, so we feel pretty blessed!  Anyway, other distractions... Hermana Aquian saw a rat (or some other rodent-like animal) the size of a small cat in our yard.  No more sightings, but we´re keeping our doors closed.

And hey, we had baptisms!  Chari and Yahoska are sisters, ages 14 and 15.  Pretty sure I´ve mentioned them before.  I´ll send pictures.  Yahoska attends seminary every day, and they´re both super sweet and willing to keep commitments.  

We´ve been working hard with some families this week.  Elmer and Jazmine are progressing well.  Elmer is a doctor and always reads his pamphlets.  He likes church a lot, but Jazmine is a little less sure.  They have one young son.  The other family is less active... Martin and Meylin.  They have the goal of being sealed in the temple, and Meylin is super ready, but, to put things lightly, Martin has fallen back into some vices that prevent him from being worthy.  Ugh, I just want to cry every time we talk with Meylin, her situation is so desperate!  We´ve gotten some members to help and she´s going to talk to the bishop, so hopefully things will improve.  I pray for them a lot.

Anyway, we´ve set some goals to work harder and more effectively.  I´ve been here for 6 weeks now, so I´m finished with the adjustment period.  No more excuses for my Spanish abilities or living conditions or anything... I´m ready to go forth with faith and open my mouth to fulfill my purpose as a missionary!

Love you lots!

-Hermana Hazkell... Hetzell... Hensen... Hansen (as they call me)

P.S. And I´m terribly sorry to Olimpia and Rachel Titensor... I´m the worst at managing my email time, so I´ll write to you next week!

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